Rajbet Aviator Game

Enjoy one of the most popular crash games with an RTP of 97% on our betting site! The Aviator is perfect entertainment due to its simple gameplay, brief rounds, and quite high odds. In addition, there are features that enhance the player’s experience and increase his winning chances. Haven’t you ever played this game? Dedicate time to pleasure right now!

Aviator game at Rajbet Casino India

How to Play Aviator at Rajbet?

  1. To find and play the Aviator on Rajbet website, take several steps:
  2. Register and get a bonus.
  3. Go to the “Casino” section in the upper menu on the home page.
  4. Find the “Easy play” section. Here you are!
  5. Activate the image with the Aviator logo and act.

You will see a couple of buttons: “Play” and “Demo”. We recommend starting with the fun mode if you have never played the game before. It is free and allows you to understand the rules without losing money. If you are sure of your skills, click “Play” and you’ll see the playing area with the statistics around it and the betting area under it.

The game is developed with elements of multiplayer. Players can participate remotely in the same round. Each of them will play against the software. The statistics will show the solutions and withdrawals of all the players involved in the session and the multipliers of the previous rounds. Also, there is a chat option.

How to find aviator game at rajbet website or mobile app

The mechanics of the game are the simplest possible ones. There are two buttons to tap at the beginning of the game session and at its end. You should:

  1. Place a bet by clicking the “Bet” button. The minimal bet is 8 INR, and the maximum is 8000 INR.
  2. Wait for the start of a round.
  3. Watch the plane fly across the screen.
  4. See the multiplier grow.
  5. Click the “Cash out” button before the aircraft flies away. That’s it!

The gameplay is based on a random number generator. You cannot impact the process. When the plane gains height, the multiplier increases automatically and randomly. You never know what value will be achieved by the end of the round. However, a developer offers the following features that may help:

  • the “Two bets” option allows a player to place two bets on the same round with different multipliers;
  • the “Autoplay” option allows making wagers and/or cashing out automatically.

The purpose is to win a higher award. The winnings are calculated as a product of your bet value and the multiplier value displayed at the moment of your cash out. So, don’t miss the moment when it is too late!

How to Play Aviator at Rajbet

Aviator Bonus

We’ve prepared a fantastic bonus that helps you play more! It amounts to 200% of your first deposit but cannot exceed 100 000 INR. The 75 free spins are included in the bonus package. But they can only be used to play “Akbar Birbal.”

  1. To get our welcome bonus, you are expected to:
  2. Register and sign in.
  3. Go to the top menu.
  4. Click on the “Bonuses” section.
  5. Select the welcome bonus.
  6. Click the “Subscribe” button.
  7. Make your first deposit of at least 500 INR.

You may start playing the Aviator when you see the gift on your bonus balance. If you want to take advantage of our offer, you need to meet the wagering requirements. After that, you can easily withdraw the bonus and any money you won from it.

Rajbet Aviator Bonus

Rajbet Aviator App

You can continue playing the Aviator on your mobile devices. Just download Rajbet mobile application and enjoy the same features and options you may have on our website. We provide the app for Android mobile devices only.

To download apk, you are expected to take the following steps:

  1. Sign in on our official website.
  2. Go to the bottom of the home page.
  3. In the “Information” section of the menu, click the “RajBet Android App” section.
  4. Continue on a new page by clicking the “Download Android App” button.
  5. Wait until the app is downloaded to your device.
  6. Install the app, following the instructions on the screen.

To play Aviator using your iPhone or iPad, open our official site and have fun!

Rajbet Casino Aviator App


Is it possible to win real cash playing Aviator?

Is it possible to win real cash playing Aviator?

Yes, you can win and withdraw your winnings. Remember that the minimum withdrawal is 1000 INR. Also, don’t forget that the Aviator is a game of chance. Rely on your luck and enjoy!

How can I win an Aviator?

How can I win an Aviator?

Try various strategies in the demo mode to choose the most efficient one. We recommend using the “Two bets” option. There are experienced players’ tips. One of them is to double your bet after every loss. In this case, the winnings will cover the expenses.

Is there a guaranteed winning strategy in the RajBet Aviator game?

Is there a guaranteed winning strategy in the RajBet Aviator game?

No, there is not. This game is based on a random number generator. But, you can analyze the statistics and enhance your winning chances by reaching the right balance of risks and opportunities.

Are there any other crash games like Aviator on your website?

Are there any other crash games like Aviator on your website?

Yes, you can find them in the “Easy Play” section. For example, there is the “Spaceman” game.