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Online lotteries are very popular because they are one of the earliest games of chance that were legalized in most countries of the world. You certainly know the national lotteries that are operated on the same principle. Right now, thanks to our secure betting website, you can enjoy loto games and considerable opportunities to win. We offer a wide range of such games and tons of beneficial promotions. Sign up and get the 200% welcome bonus!

Loto Games Online at Rajbet

Loto Games Types

Each loto game depends on chance and involves risk, but it is still considered one of the safest ones. The winning probability is rather high, and almost in any round there are winners. In Rajbet Casino, you can enjoy so many formats, which differ from each other in gameplay, bonus policy, graphics, and options. The prize can be calculated in different ways, too.

  • The basic lotto games that are introduced in a huge number of variations are as follows:
  • Bingo. This Italian game is played across the globe. Here, you take a card with a combination of numbers. Then you wait for the balls with various numbers to be drawn. If the data on a card matches that on the series of balls, you’ll win a prize.
  • Keno. This originally Chinese game makes you select, commonly, fifteen or twenty numbers from a range of eighty and wait until the draw is over. The more matches, the larger the winning awards. To hit all the numbers is a rare case, but the odds are still high, as you get the prize even if just a few numbers coincide.
  • Scratch cards. You get a card with vital information that is concealed behind a removable coating. You should remove this coating and find out the data, which should match the winning symbols. You do not have to wait for a draw.
  • Also, you can count on winning the jackpot. It comes with the same scheme as it would with any other casino game. If the round ends without winners, unpaid awards are added to the pool. And that is you, who can win the accumulated prize if you start playing on our website right now.

We provide you with numerous variations of all the above types of lotto, including:

  • Keno;
  • Bingo Tornado;
  • Dice Duel;
  • Mega Wheel;
  • Bet on Numbers;
  • Cash or crash;
  • Scratch Dice, and much more.

Try the loto games of various developers, which come with particular graphics and unique themes. Just decide what you like and play.

Loto Games Types at Rajbet

How to Join?

With Rajbet, you can access any loto game at any time and from any place. You should register first. You can do it on both your mobile and desktop devices. Registration is launched after you click the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the home page. To succeed, follow this brief guide:

  1. While registering, let us know what method you prefer: social networks, email, or phone by clicking on it.
  2. Enter your personal data while filling out the displayed registration form.
  3. After signing in, go to the “Bonuses” section and claim the welcome bonus.
  4. Deposit real money into your account (remembering the deposit requirements of the bonus).
  5. In the top navigation menu bar, click the “Loto” section and look through the offerings.
  6. Point to the game that you like and see the “Play” button.

How to Join Rajbet Casino

Bonuses for Players

To benefit from our Rajbet welcome bonus, your first deposit should be 500 INR or more. Every beginner may get 200% of the first deposit and spend this money to play the loto games. The bonus will be credited to a particular bonus balance and will be used on a first-priority basis when you are placing your bets. The bonus amount is limited to 100,000 INR.

So, do not hesitate and take the following steps to benefit from our promotion for new players:

Sign in and go to the “Bonuses” section of the navigation menu.

  1. Subscribe for the welcome bonus.
  2. Deposit at least 500 INR.
  3. Play lotto games.
  4. Withdraw the winnings generated by the bonus.

Bonuses for Loto Players


What lotto would you recommend for a start?

What lotto would you recommend for a start?

The rules of all the loto games in this category are quite simple. Try the video lotteries where the real dealer explains the process. It can be easier to understand the rules. Besides, you can start playing some games in demo mode. Use this opportunity to figure out the main principles.

Can I win the lotto for sure?

Can I win the lotto for sure?

Nobody can know the outcome of a lotto’s draws. The numbers are drawn by a random number generator. So, rely on your luck and have fun!

Can I play the lotto on the go when I use your website?

Can I play the lotto on the go when I use your website?

Yes, you can. We provide our users with a reliable mobile app for Android devices that is as secure as gambling on the desktop. You can download it from our website.

Are the lottery and loto the same game?

Are the lottery and loto the same game?

Both variations are about the drawing of numbers at random. These games are easy and affordable as they do not require any skills. The difference is quite negligible. When they talk about national events, they commonly call them “lottery”. If it is about casino gambling, the word “loto” is usually used.