Roulette Game in India

Playing Rajbet roulette is much the same as in a land casino. If you have ever tried your luck with this game, you will easily cope with its variations. On our reputable betting site, you get access to a large variety of roulette games. You can safely gamble as we have a gaming license. Also, you’ll have more opportunities thanks to our bonuses.

Roulette Game at Rajbet India

How to Start Play Roulette?

The word “roulette” means “a little wheel.” The name speaks for itself. The key element of the game is the Fortune’s Wheel. It is divided into equal sections that are marked with numbers. There is also a table with marked bet sizes and betting options to select before the game round starts. The players use chips of various values to decide on their wagers. When the bets are off and the wheel is turned, a ball comes into play. It will land in a winning pocket when the spinning of the wheel ceases. That is considered the end of a game session.

You can place bets on various options, as specified in the table:

  • “inside” or “outside”;
  • various colors or numbers.

A single wager can include two or more numbers. You can choose a range of pockets located next to a winning one and increase your winning chances in this way. The betting options come with corresponding payouts. The riskier the bet, the higher the odds.

How to play roulette slot

To play Rajbet roulette games, you are expected to:

  1. Register on our official website by clicking the “Register” button at the top of the page.
  2. Log in to get access to your registered account.
  3. Look through the promotions to benefit from our offerings (the list is continuously updated).
  4. Claim the bonus that you choose, ensuring that you understand the terms and conditions.
  5. Fund your account, keeping in mind the deposit requirements.
  6. Click the “Casino” section in the menu at the top of the page.
  7. Find and activate the “Roulette” section by tapping.
  8. Look through our assortment and enjoy playing.

How to Start Playing Roulette at Rajbet India

Bonus for roulette players

The fantastic promotion for new users of our website is our welcome bonus, which is available only once after the account is loaded with at least 500 INR. Only registered gamblers may benefit from it. It returns 200% of the deposit amount. The bonus is restricted to a 100 000 INR threshold. After the deposit, the bonus amount is credited to the bonus balance, and you can use it to play Rajbet roulette.

To get the bonus, take the following steps:

  1. After registering or logging in, go to the menu at the top of the home page and click the “Bonus” section.
  2. Find yourself on the page with promotions and find the welcome bonus.
  3. Read the offer description and click the “Subscribe” button.
  4. Make a deposit amounting to 500 INR or more and view the bonus on your bonus balance.
  5. Start playing Rajbet roulette.

Bonus for Roulette Players

Types of Roulette at Rajabet

In general, in accordance with the gameplay, there are three types of roulette.

  • American. Here, the wheel is divided into 38 sections known as pockets. Each contains a number (from 1 to 36 arranged in random order), “0”, and “00.” The zero segments are green. The first half of the remaining quantity is red, and the remainder is black.
  • European. It looks like the previous one, but it comes with 37 pockets, which include a “0” section. It is more popular because it has a better house edge compared with the American type.
  • French. It looks like the European one, with 37 sections on the wheel. The difference in the layout of the table. That is why the bets are placed in a slightly different manner.

In accordance with the diversity of options, you can find:

  • Roulettes with progressive jackpots that provide you with a chance to win a huge prize from the progressive fund Commonly, you should win the same number in five consecutive game sessions. This is a rare probability, but it is still possible.
  • Live Rajbet roulette looks like the one at a land casino, as it is filmed in a real studio. The real croupier will operate the wheel and take bets. You’ll get a comprehensive idea of gambling in a land casino.
  • Roulette with track. The betting area of this game type is arranged in a shape, similar to horse racing tracks. As a result, the betting options differ a little bit from the common variant.

All types of roulette are available on our website. Enjoy diverse themes, products from various developers, and all possible options in the game.

Types of Roulette you can play at Rajbet


Is it really to win money playing Rajbet roulette in India?

Is it really to win money playing Rajbet roulette in India?

Yes, you can win a prize if you bet real cash and luck is on your side.

How can I win by playing online roulette?

How can I win by playing online roulette?

There is no guarantee of a winning outcome, as this game is based on a random number generator. But you can try strategies and repeat the experience of successful gamblers.

Are outside or inside bets better for winning?

Are outside or inside bets better for winning?

Many players recommend “outside bets.” They bring smaller prizes but come with a higher likelihood of hitting. Nevertheless, you can choose what you want. Try different approaches to find your winning way.

Can I play roulette on my smartphone?

Can I play roulette on my smartphone?

Yes, you can. You should click the “Information” section at the bottom of the home page of our website. Then, click the “RajBet Android app” section to download our mobile app for Android devices. Our mobile version is available for iOS devices.